Shopping Cart Maintenance

Proactive Fleet Management.

That's what we're thinking. And it starts blocks away from your store, as our Technicians patrol the area looking for abandoned carts... before they vanish forever.

And we keep it up the watchguard of your carts as we coordinate with your store manager, perform a thorough inspection of the fleet, and sort out the carts that are in good working condition, the ones that can be repaired, and the ones that have exhausted their service life.

Our experienced team comes well equipped with tools and well stocked with parts as each store manager has given us input before the service visit regarding what carts need attention - from carts to bakery racks, flatbeds to roadsters, pallet jacks to baby docks and then some. 

We work quickly and professionally, with minimal disruption to your operations. We leave your fleet in top condition, and provide your Store Manager and Home Office with detailed documentation of your fleet's count, condition, and the services provided. If you could ask for anything more... please do.